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Great Lakes Winter Grab Database statistics

Welcome to home of Great Lakes Winter Grab Database!

Please find more information about Winter Grab here.

Data Upload Instructions

  1. Create an account in the database by using the link: Once registered, please email with your username and affiliated organization. After Jeff receives your email, he will add you to the organizations, so you can begin uploading data Files.
  2. Before uploading your data, please read the data upload guidelines carefully. This link includes instructions on how to upload data, templates for entering water quality/productivity data and CTD profiles, and sample data files. You can upload your data by using this link.

Email if you have any questions.

⚠️WARNING⚠️ Please read the Data Upload Guideline before uploading any data.

If you are new to CKAN, please watch these helpful short YouTube training videos or read the CKAN guide to get started.

This website and database is built and maintained by, the Water Innovation Postdoc Fellow, Jeff Pu with support from Cleveland Water Alliance and LimnoTech.